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Yusuf Sahilli is a multi-instrumentalist and metropolitan indie pop singer-songwriter from Berlin.

He might sound like a blues man, or a new romantic, growling about wild nights spent searching, or letting his sweet tenor voice indulge in lustful melancholy moods. Fully buzzed on global sounds and brimming with boundless feel good passion and sympathy for the whole wide world.

Yusuf had connected to the Alternative Rock soundtrack of his generation and dug deep and fast into the history of the trade. From the Rock dinosaurs and the golden age of Pop through the Hippie era, the Beat of the Sixties and the protest movement right down to the founding fathers of the Blues in the Delta.

YUSUF SAHILLI – vocals, guitars, keys, pedal steel & banjo

DAMIAN GIAMBAZI – guitar, bass & backing vocals

MARTIN KRÜMMLING – drums, backing vocals & keys